Scholar since Grade 7

Mom works as safety personnel at the airport

Mom only around so it helps a lot and helps save, can do projects and assignments even more creatively coz using the money she can buy more things to go all out

4 siblings

Attorney Director, planning to take up journalism at FEU

Make creative presentations, costumes, props, student government – Vice President

Good grades, time management, God, inspired by family and benefactors, one day she wants to share the blessings the receives and give back to the community as well

Meet Angela. She has been a KIDS Foundation benefactor since Grade 7. She’s now Grade 10 and aspires to be a lawyer and a director. She’s driven and already knows what course she wants to pursue. Like Attorney Lorenzo Tañada, she wants to get into broadcast production and plans to take journalism in Far Eastern University (FEU) to pursue this dream. She has 3 siblings so the financial help she gets from KIDS Foundation helps her and her family. They only have their mom left as well who works as a safety personnel at one of our local airports.

With the help she gets from KIDS, her mom is able to save for other things for their home and for the family. She can do her projects and assignments even more creatively. She learns to budget the money she receives and give her all while doing projects. She aims to consistently make her projects as creative as possible and really make use of the money she receives. After class she stays in school to make costumes and props for various school presentations, and she attends student government meetings as the elected Vice President.

Angela works hard for consistent good grades. She values time management, and not only does she cite God and her family as her sources of inspiration, she is also inspired by her benefactors. She aims to one day share the blessings she receives as well. She aims to help others and her community when she’s older and able.