Clark is a grade 9 student, the 2nd out of 4 children, and has been part of the program since grade 7. He proudly told us about how he is a photojournalist for the school newspaper, as well as a member of his school’s shutterbug club. Aside from his passion for photography, Clark also intends to take a business degree in college, adding that he wasn’t sure what specific field of business yet but he knew that it’s what he wants to take. Clark’s excitement about the future, including its uncertainty, is infectious. Clark maintains his confident demeanor throughout the interview, while allowing us glimpeses into his equally humble nature. “Pag hindi ko nagegets, tinatanong ko po sa top one, kasi mas nagegets nila. (If I don’t understand something, I ask the top student in my class, since they understand it more.)” When asked about how the program has helped him, Clark enthused about not having to rely on his parents for money for school projects and other school expenses. There is few things as satisfying as knowing that a weight has been removed from the shoulders of a child so that they can go on hoping, dreaming, and achieving. Thanks, Clark!