Franzin is a grade 9 student who has been part of the program since grade 7. She is a particularly interesting child as, when the beneficiaries came to visit the school, she wrote and presented a poem for her beneficiary, Hans van Luijk, founder of KIDS. Franzin, whose mother works as a saleslady at a local supermarket chain, said that she wants to be a doctor someday, but is happy to take nursing, too. In fact, she is a proud member of her school’s science club. She is also involved in the Marian Youth Movement club and a journalist for the school newspaper. When asked about how the program has helped her, Franzin pipes up, sharing that in addition to the school and school project expenses, “Nabibili ko na din po yung mga gusto ko bilhin (I can even buy some wants).” Franzin’s excitement over this possibility is heartwarming. People may often forget that access to wants, in addition to needs, is a luxury many children desire. When asked about how she maintains her grades, Franzin proudly emphasizes the importance of discipline and time management in her school habits, noting that she schedules all her work accordingly. Franzin’s demure personality and enthusiasm about school and being a student is a sweet reminder about the joys of youth.