Scholar since Grade 7

Dad is a security guard, mom is a housewife

Parents don’t need to understand the financial help needed, helps family save

3 siblings

Architect, deciding school well

Stay in classroom, lots of groupings and activities that don’t get finished and need to present the next day, goes around shooting video presentations for next day submissions

God always first. Never forgets family, inspired to finish school and help parents immediately

Nicole is a Grade 9 student from Cayetano Arellano High School. Her dad is a security guard and her mom is a housewife taking care of her and her 2 siblings. She has been a KIDS Foundation benefactor since she was Grade 7 and she is super thankful for all the blessings she receives from the foundation. Her parents no longer have to understand her need for good school supplies and project materials. Her parents no longer need to worry financially about her passing her subjects and submitting projects on time.

Nicole dreams to be an architect but is still choosing the right school. Senior High is still up next for her and she wants to be able to choose the right college or university. After class she usually stays in school to help her groupmates finish their projects usually due the next day. She shoots video presentations as well.

She always puts God first above all else, but she also never forgets her family and what they do for her and her siblings. She’s inspired by her parents to finish school and help the family immediately.