Scholar since Grade 7

Mother is the only one who works and is a Barangay Secretary

Parents’ budget is smaller for her already because she’s receiving a quarterly income

2 siblings

Graphic designer or accountant

Student government – Treasurer

To achieve good grades, study hard, I look at the people who help so that I can work hard and make them proud and eventually “pay them back”

This is Reese. She has been a KIDS Foundation benefactor since she was Grade 7. She’s now Grade 10 and dreams of becoming either a graphic designer or accountant. Her mom is a Barangay Secretary and the only one in the family with a job. Money can get tight so the quarterly allowance she gets from KIDS Foundations helps her and her family immensely. Her parents no longer need to worry about her and her needs for school. She’s the elected treasurer in Cayetano Arellano High School’s student government which she agrees prepares her for one of her dream jobs.

To achieve good grades, she studies hard and always look back at the people who’s been helping her ever since such as her parents and her benefactors. She wants to make them proud and do great to be able to “pay them back”.