Scholar since Grade 7

Parents deliver food for a living

Big help with the money they get, helps with projects, assignments, school materials

9 siblings

Civil engineer

Planning to get a scholarship

School groupings, practice for school activities, meeting with Student Government, position is Peace Officer

Thankful for God, making parents his inspiration, he knows that when blessings come from his hard work he will be able to help his parents.

Robin is a Grade 10 student from Cayetano Arellano High School whose parents deliver food for a  living. He’s been a KIDS Foundation benefactor since Grade 7. The money he receives from KIDS Foundation has been helping not only him but his family as well. Cayetano Arellano is a public school, but the students of course still have expenses to consider. With the money he receives he is able to accomplish all his projects, assignments and and get proper school supplies whenever needed. After school he attends different group meetings for class projects, practice for various school activities, and student government meetings since he is the elected Peace Officer.

He wants to be a civil engineer when he grows up through a scholarship making good grades very important to him. He puts God and his parents first everyday and uses his parents as inspiration to work harder. His goal is to work hard enough to be able to help his parents.